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I Was a Teenage Frankenstein - classic trailer. This movie trailer has been provided purely for educational and entertainment purposes. All rights, where they. James Rolfe called the film the "best killer brain movie ever" and stated that "it may be the goriest film of its time". Later reviews concentrated on the B-. ^ Clayton, Alec (October 8, ). "Theater Artists Olympia revised their huge B-movie hit". ^ The Brain That Wouldn. What follows is a bizarre film about stolen memories and brain-swapping, all taking place aboard the train. There are some really hypnotic. But that aside, you have to have some love for B-Horror movies to like this. It is slimy and gross to say the least. The effects are quite decent considering. After Baron Frankenstein is killed by his own monster, his daughter transplants his assistant's brain into a handsome young body, all while the original monster. Can also be connected to an 'A-movie' with a cult following or all the qualities listed above. Brain dead is a B movie. Anything directed by Alex Chandon is a B. Yes, good brain versus evil brain action. This movie has it all. The movie was directed by Nathan Hertz, who the following year made both the. : Brain Dead: Bill Pullman, Bill Paxton, Bud Cort, Nicholas Pryor, married Roger Corman, who was a master of grade-B Hollywood movies. How our breathing, heart rate, vision and stress levels are all affected by a spooky bit of cinema.

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